2019 Fresh Trends: The power of green


Artichokes were among the least-purchased items in the Fresh Trends 2019 survey; only Asian pears were lower on the list.

Shoppers in the West where the spiky vegetable is grown were the most likely overall to buy artichokes, a trend now in its seventh year. Midwestern shoppers were among the least likely to choose artichokes overall, followed by African American consumers.

Income also clearly plays a role in artichoke purchases, as this is at least the sixth consecutive year that the likelihood of purchase has increased according to income.

Forty-four percent of buyers said they purchased baby artichokes in the past year, while 47% said they did not.

Sixteen percent of buyers said they always selected organic artichokes, down from 18% who said so last year. Forty percent of buyers said they purchased organic artichokes at least some of the time.

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Income and age clearly play a role in asparagus purchases. The likelihood of a purchase increased according to both factors, making the most affluent shoppers and the oldest consumers surveyed the most likely to buy the spring vegetable overall.

More shoppers are embracing these slim stalks, as they were the No. 2 item that shoppers said they are buying now that they did not buy previously. (The same was true last year.)

Families without kids were a bit more likely to buy asparagus, at 33%, than those with kids, at 31%, but the likelihood of a purchase increased as the number of children in the home grew.

Western shoppers have been more likely to grab asparagus than those in other regions for the past six years. As was the case last year, consumers on both coasts were more likely to make a purchase than those in the Midwest or South. Hispanic shoppers and those earning less than $25,000 annually were the least likely to buy.

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