About Us

Why we started Green Earth Family?

I have seen an extreme shift in the climate and our lifestyle since my childhood, and now, some of the changes are not very good, I can even say they are harmful to the health of earth and us. I feel responsible for playing a role to make it right, this toxic changes not just for my three years old daughter but also for my family and also for the people of Green Earth Family. I’m sure you want to do as well.

Hi, guys, my name is Rohit Mathur, and I am the founder and a member of Green Earth Family. I invite you to this journey together where we will make the earth a better place as that’s the only place we have to live at least for now till Mr Elon Musk lands man mission at mars and also and make a positive impact in our lifestyle. I strongly believe in two or more minds can work better than one.

Why there is a need for a green earth family?

We hear climate change, global warming, wildfires, plastic pollution, air pollution and negative impacts of modern lifestyle on our health happening around and we generally look to find whom to blame to businesses or politicians or ourselves?

Yes, others are to blame some extent; however, what we don’t realise we can change them and change ourselves ! Yes we have the power, this power is called awareness and taking a stand against things that are causing all the problems

I am passionate, same as you believe in taking right actions to turn the clock back for the earth at-least 50 years, maybe 100 when my granddad was born, it’s not too long back, we don’t want to go back to Dinosaurs days, or do we 😊 . Also, we can work together to make a difference in our lifestyle.

I like to keep things simple, so the mission for GEF I want to start with for the green earth family is :

1- Neil Armstrong: what did he say, a small step for man huge leap for mankind. We all can make small changes in our lifestyle which will make a huge difference for our green earth and our life. Remember we cannot ignore this and say this is not our problem.

2- Nike style: just do it, and We need to do it right now!

3- Fun: We have to have fun along the way turning the clock back 100 years and encourage positive & healthy lifestyle. We don’t want boring green earth & residents or do we?

4- We have the power: we cannot wait for politician and businesses to bring the changes we need. We can change our behaviour for them to change. We are a clever consumer and demands stuff which are good for us and earth.

5- Who needs who: remember we need the earth and good health, not the other way round. So let’s respect and value basic things what the planet and our body needs like we need air, food and water earth needs right temperature, green trees, less pollution of everything.

Credit- Rohit Mathur

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